Administrative Procedures

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Administrative Procedures and Table of Contents

100 Р General Administration

105-Site Based Decison Making

106-School Generated Funds


110-School Council

121-Development & Review of Admin Procedures

131-Inclement Weather or School Closure

132-Emergency School Closure

140-Acceptable use of Wide-Area Network and Internet

160-Safe and Caring Schools

161-Occupational Health and Safety Roles & Responsibilities

162-Business Continuity Plan

165-Smoke-Free Environment

170-Harassment-Free Work Environment

190-Healthy School Communities and Workplaces

200 – Instructional Programs And Materials

210-Early Childhood Services ECS

214-Students with Special Needs

215-Knowledge and Employability Courses

215-1 Student Referral for K&E

215-2 Student Placement Form K&E

216-Career and Technology Studies

219-Locally Developed Courses

250-Couselling Services and Career Development

251-Career Development Programs


300 – Students

300-Student Entrance Age

315-Student Accidents

316-Administering Medications to Students

316-1-Authorization of Medication by School Personnel

320-Student Records

321-Youth Offenders Records

322-Custody Issues

330-Student Attendance

340 Services for Students and Children

350-Student Behavior and Conduct

356- Suspension and Expulsion of Students

356-1-Reporting the Suspension of a Student by a Principal

360-Student Achievement

363-Testing Programs

363-1-Ed Psych Referral Form

390-Student Appeals

400 – Personal and Employee Relations


404-Staff Responsibility for Keys

406-Staff Participation in Community or Political Activities

409-Employee Supervision Where Performance May be Unsatisfactory

410- Professional Staff Hiring Practices

412- Teacher Supervision and Evaluation

413 Systematic Monitoring of Professional Staff

414 Professiional Growth Plans

415 Support fro Upgrading Teaching Qualifications

417 Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

421 Administrative Contracts

422- Administrator Evaluation Procedures

430-Hiring Practices for Support Staff

431- Working Conditions Related to Support Staff

432-Hiring of Persons with a Teaching Cert for EA Position

433- Description for Educational Assistant

434-Appeal Procedures for Support Staff

440- Recruitment of School Bus Drivers

441-S Endorsement

442-Route Driver Evaluation

443-Filling Driver Vacancies

445- Verification of Bus Driver Credentials

446-Harm Reduction

500 – Business Administation

516- School Equipment and Furniture Disposal

545- Community Use of School Facility

545-1- Application for Rental Use of School Facility Form

545-2- Caretaker Alternate Duties Form

546- Community Use of Vidoeconferencing Suites

546-1 Application for Use of Videoconferencing Form

550 School Bus Scheduling and Routing

550-1 Save Harmless Agreement

552 Winter Apparel Requirement for Riding School Busses

553-1 Request for Alternate Transportation Agreements

553-2 School Bus Waiver

553 Transportation to a Location Other Than Residence

554 School Bus Evacuation

555 Cell Phones on School Buses

556 Transportation of Goods on School Buses

557 Bussing Procedures for Field Trips

558 School Bus Accidents

559-1 Student Trasnportation in Private Vehicles

559 Student Transportation in Private Vehicles

560 Parent or Agent Provided Transportation

562 Use of School Buses by Local Community Groups

564 First Aid Training for School Bus Drivers

566 Safety Vests