MECCS believes that there are four needs that must be met for every child to be able to succeed.  Every child feels the need:

  • for Belonging (I mean something to you),
  • for Mastery (I am good at something),
  • for Independence (I have power to make decisions), and
  • for Generosity ( I have a purpose in life).

With the support of adults who care and believe in their potential, your youth can discover their hidden talents, develop personal responsibility, and find a purpose to their lives.  Many of the children MECCS serves suffer from some form of adversity.  Resilience is the innate human ability to rebound from adversity with even greater strength to face future obstacles.  Research has shown that resilience is the norm for kids.  This means that it is never too late to make a difference.

As our traditions teach us, we must nurture the development and educate the whole child as was given to us by the Creator.  The philosophy and foundation of our school community and program are based upon traditional Indigenous teachings of the medicine wheel passed down from our Elders.